Product Development

McCaughey Foods develops pre-cooked meat and poultry product ranges for customers, who primarily operate in the Wholesale and Food Service sectors. We also manufacture an own-brand range of products and this comprehensive range is available for purchase across Ireland and the UK. We have Product Development resources onsite including industrial kitchen facilities, Chefs and Food Technologists.

We understand the need to stay ahead of demand for new flavours and textures. We continuously experiment with new combinations and processes to make sure our Wholesalers and Food Service customers are in tune with market trends.

While some customers have an exact specification which we can quote for, others need assistance through the product development process. The primary steps involved in producing a range of products are documented below. McCaughey Foods can not only implement the processes described but we can also advise of you the best options for your business.

Step 1 Choose the Poultry or Meat

Options include turkey, chicken, beef, ham and lamb. Only premium, top quality poultry and meat is used in our products and customers can choose the meat content level required.

Step 2 Choose the Ingredients and Cooking Method

We can supply food that is roasted, baked, smoked or boiled – as appropriate for the ingredients chosen and according to customer needs. There is a vast range of ingredient options and these can be influenced by your target audience, the shelf-life required and your budget.

Step 3 Choose the Flavours

In recent years consumer demand has resulted in the need to offer a huge range of flavours and McCaughey Foods can supply almost all flavours required. Recommended options vary according to the poultry or meat being processed.. McCaughey Foods has in-depth experience in manufacturing products that sell for customers therefore we can share this expertise so that you can be confident the product range developed is truly commercial. Popular flavour choices which we can supply include

Peppered, Peppered Lemon, Lemon & Thyme, Peri Peri, Sweet Chili, BBQ, Southern Fried, Sweet & Sour, Tikka, Hot & Spicy

Step 4 Choose the Preparation

Our range of preparation methods has been driven by customer demand and our flexible approach to meeting the needs of the food sector. Wholesalers and Food Service operators typically choose to have products prepared in one of these ways however other requirements can be met;

Sliced, Diced, Hand-Pulled, Shredded, Minced

Step 5 Choose Packaging


Weights can vary from 120gm to 2.5 kilos, according to customer needs.

Packaging Types

The choice of packaging will be influenced by the product to be packaged, customer preference, budget and shelf life. Options include;

Vacuum Packed (longer shelf-life, typically 2 to 3 extra days)

Gas Flushed in Trays

Cases (usually 5 or 10 kilo’s though case sizes can vary)


We can apply branding to the packaging as specified; typically this may include company logo and product labelling.

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