Since the business was founded, quality meat products have been central to our operations. Although the McCaughey brand was synonomous with turkey processing, the McCaughey Foods facility was developed on a greenfield site, to eliminate all cross-contamination risk. This commitment to Quality has been implemented across our activities and it has been instilled into the operational staff and our processes.

This can be demonstrated through our Quality achievements which include

  • EFSIS Grade A Higher Standard
  • EU Plant Approval No. IRL P575 EEC
  • HACCP Food Safety Management Programme

McCaughey Foods has Full Traceability for all products, giving customers absolute confidence in the poultry and meat products we supply.

We cement this trust by assisting customers both in the development of marketable products and by offering advice on handling and storing our products in a Quality approved manner.

We are also committed to driving improvements through our Quality Management System (QMS). Together with our team, we consistently work to

  • Set and achieve clear objectives
  • Undertake Internal/External Audits
  • Implement Management Reviews

We welcome opportunities to discuss our approach to Quality and to demonstrate this to prospective customers.

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